John L Gray Consulting Metallurgist


John L Gray

Date of Birth

18 June 1949


Graduate Diploma in Operations Management, University of Technology Sydney - 1992

Bachelor of Science (Metallurgy), University of New South Wales - 1973

Professional Affiliations

Member - The Institute of Materials Engineering

Specific Fields of Expertise
  • Forensic metallurgical failure analysis incorporating;
    • Identification of fracture mechanisms using the following procedures; 
    • Visual examination 
    • Low powered microscopy 
    • High powered metallographic examination 
    • Scanning electron microscopy
    • Identification of corrosion mechanisms. 
    • Evaluation and interpretation of microstructures using; 
      • Standard metallographic preparation procedures 
      • Chemical etching techniques 
    • Examination and evaluation of physical evidence 
    • Macro, micro and general photography 
  • Metallurgical Analysis of Weld Fabrication Failures, General Mechanical Failures and Corrosion Failures incorporating; 
    • Identification of weld defects, Identification of fracture mechanisms eg. fatigue, corrosion fatigue and overload. Identification of heat treatment defects eg. partial and total decarburisation, quench cracking, massive carbides, excessive grain growth and grain boundary networks. 
    • Identification of specific component failure mechanisms such as those associated with bearings, rotating shafts and gears. 
    • Identification of parent material defects. 
    • Identification of casting defects. 
    • Identification of corrosion mechanisms. 
  • Provision of expert evidence, specifically with respect to the metallurgical aspects of various types of failures including Automotive, Shipping, Railway, Mining, Fabrications and Manufacturing Plant failures. 
  • Preparation and review of technical reports, specifically; 
    • Preparation of failure investigation reports 
    • Review of failure investigation reports 
    • Preparation of expert witness and rebuttal statements.